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Insights for the Financial Services and Real Estate Industries in Ireland

The first issue of Finsight brings you our latest articles, perspectives and market developments from Deloitte professionals and experts within the financial services industry.

In this issue, our articles share a common theme around transformation. We examine significant emerging technologies and highlight results from recent Deloitte research including a study conducted jointly with the World Economic Forum which examined how artificial intelligence is changing operating models, strategic priorities and competitive dynamics, and raising challenges for public policy. 

Other technology-related articles present highlights of our global survey of banking which suggests consumers expect more digital engagement from their banks, and coverage of a recent Deloitte cybersecurity survey where chief information security officers from over 50 companies were asked how they are discharging their responsibilities in protecting the digital fortresses at banks, investment management firms, insurance companies, and other financial services institutions.

Elsewhere, we take a deep dive into culture and diversity, highlighting among other issues the key questions supervisors consider when assessing whether firms are promoting constructive challenge at all levels in the organisation, and we have a brief look at the opportunities and potential of smart cities.

We also share an interview with Joe Duffy, Country Executive for BNY Mellon in Ireland and Chair of FSI Executive Board. The work that FSI does is vital for the continuing development and growth of Ireland’s Financial Services industry.

Finally, we explore what’s ahead for fintech where collaboration and co-development are on the rise and the lines between incumbents and insurgents are blurring. One point we heard repeatedly during our fintech research is that financial institutions have become much more demanding about what they expect from fintech’s pitching products or investment opportunities.

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  1. The new Physics of financial Services
    How artificial intelligence is transforming the financial ecosystem.
  2. Accelerating Digital transformation in banking
    Findings from the global consumer survey on digital banking.
  3. Industry Interview
    Findings from the global consumer survey on digital banking.
  4. The state of cyber security at financial institutions
    There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach.
  5. You and I were meant to fly
    The rise of managed services.
  6. Culture is Financial services
    Culture and diversity, alongside remuneration, risk management and individual accountability, have become a key focus for financial services regulators.
  7. Closing the gap in fintech collaboration
    Overcoming obstacles to a symbiotic relationship.
  8. Funding and Financing strategies for smart cities
    Increased urbanisation, a focus on sustainability and citizen demand for smart services are driving cities to look to upgrade their infrastructure with smart technologies.
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