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Insights for the financial services and real estate industries in Ireland

Welcome to the fourth edition of FinSight - The COVID-19 Edition - a collection of the latest articles, perspectives and market insights from Deloitte professionals, as well as from experts and senior figures in the financial services and real estate industries.

This issue is dedicated to COVID-19 and the many ways that it has impacted the financial services sector, exploring the immediate challenges and opportunities, while also looking ahead to a post-COVID-19 world. We believe this is an unprecedented moment to drive radical transformation of organisations.

Our feature article on the future of retail banking in Ireland explores COVID-19 and its economic and social fallout as a time machine to the future. We analyse the impact of the pandemic on sectors such as investment management, aviation finance and real estate in Ireland. We also look at the redrawn landscape from the perspective of fintech companies, as well as how to manage risk in financial services for a digital future. Ann Kelleher, President of Insurance Ireland, shares her views on the insurance industry’s rapid response to the crisis and how it belied its often traditional reputation. Our article on blockchain identifies five trends that suggest the coming decade could bring its adoption into the mainstream.

Read the full foreword to this edition from David Dalton, Partner and Head of Financial Services, Deloitte Ireland, which examines the importance of business resilience and strong leadership in helping organisations respond, recover and thrive following the COVID-19 crisis.

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