Funds Bulletin

January 2016

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Investment Fund Governance

In response to the financial crisis there has been a focus on enhancing governance structures and processes right across the financial services sector. As a result there has been many developments across the sector that are designed to enhance governance and increase a Boards ability to implement Risk-Based governance methodologies. Indeed within the investment fund sector; boards, promoters and regulators have all worked to enhance the effectiveness of fund governance since the crisis. However there continues to be demands for further enhancements to the governance of investment funds.

Waves of Disruption

In this point of view, we outline how in the next five years financial services will not just change but be dramatically disrupted by technology driven innovation.

For Ireland, which has become a well-established international financial services centre, the change will be significant and will impact employment and the nature of work profoundly.

Top 10 for 2016 - Deloitte EMEA's outlook for financial markets regulation

Top 10 for 2016, produced by Deloitte’s EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy, predicts the key strategic regulatory issues that the financial services industry will face in the coming year. Each topic is accompanied by a view on the sector impacts across retail banking, capital markets, insurance and investment management.


One of the most controversial and highly debated topics out there at the moment, is Blockchain. The world’s smart and powerful people (Blythe Masters, Paul Krugman, Warren Buffet) are yet to reach a clear consensus as to whether this disruptive technology is a good or a bad evolution, but most agree it is indeed an evolution!

In an attempt to try and harness its potential disruptive power, hundreds of millions are being invested in Blockchain technology by companies from all industries across the globe. With this level of focus and hype, we want to help de-mystify what Blockchain is and how organisations can leverage its key features (security, transparency, full life-cycle transaction history, real-time, immutability and cost efficiency).

HFSB Holds Cyber Attack Simulation Roundtable for Hedge Fund Managers

The Hedge Fund Standards Board (HFSB), the standard-setting body for the hedge fund industry, has held its first table top cyber-attack simulation for hedge fund managers in London.

Umbrella Funds - Cash Accounts

In December, the Central Bank published guidance on the funds section of its website with regard to the holding of cash assets of umbrella funds in a single account at the level of an umbrella fund i.e. An Umbrella Level Fund Asset Account.

Performance Magazine

January 2016 - issue 19, the latest edition of this triannual topical digest for asset management professionals.

International tax developments: An Irish perspective

In a fast-changing tax environment, it can be hard to keep on top of all of the big changes that are happening and how they might affect your business. That’s why we are producing our Tax D-briefs video series to update you on international tax developments from an Irish perspective.

Complying with Irish Common Reporting Standard Regulations

Achieving global tax compliance and tax transparency has become one of the key focuses of the OECD and G20 in recent years, with many initiatives for the automatic exchange of information for tax purposes across various jurisdictions having already been introduced.

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