Irish Collective Asset management Vehicle


Ireland’s new corporate fund vehicle, the Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle (“ICAV”), is being introduced under bespoke funds legislation due to be enacted in the coming weeks.

The ICAV has many benefits, including enhanced distribution among US investors and a streamlined compliance model. Irish and overseas fund managers will benefit from structuring new funds as ICAVs, and in certain circumstances may also benefit from converting or merging existing funds to form an ICAV.

What should you do next?

If considering a conversion/merger, managers should carry out a cost-benefit analysis to ensure the proposed cost savings offered by the ICAV’s streamlined compliance and increased attractiveness to US investors justify the cost and effort of conversion/migration. Managers should also ensure that a conversion/merger will not jeopardise the tax status of existing investors or have other unintended operational consequences.

ICAV Irish Collective Asset Management Vehicle

How can we help?

Our ICAV experts are ideally placed to:

  • Perform a cost- benefit analysis for your existing fund structure.
  • Advise on all tax considerations of conversion/migration.
  • Assist you with converting/migrating existing structures or establishing newer structures.
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