IIMU newsletter May 2018


Irish Insurance Market Update

IIMU newsletter May 2018

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2018 where we aim to give readers an overview of the recent events that have occurred in the Insurance Industry along with pointing out the key milestones and topics that are on the near horizon. Hopefully after you have come up for breath from the year end reporting this will be of interest and help you to catch up on the important topics that you may have missed during the busy period.

Topics covered

Deloitte would be pleased to advise readers on how to apply the principles set out in this publication to their specific circumstances. If you would like to discuss any of the issues set out in this newsletter please contact your usual Deloitte contact or any of the Deloitte insurance contacts below.

Issues set out in this edition

  • EIOPA Updates
  • Central Bank of Ireland (“CBI”)
  • Motor Insurance 
  • IFRS 17
  • Insurtech
  • Global thought leadership
Irish Insurance Market Update May 2018
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