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Link'n'Learn 2018 Program

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Since 2009, Deloitte has decided to open its knowledge resources to the professionals of the Financial Services Industries community.

What is Link ’n' Learn?

Led by Deloitte’s leading industry experts, Link’n Learn is a series of webinars conducted over the course of the year, specifically designed to keep you up-to-date with today’s critical trends and the latest regulations impacting your business. An hour of your time is all you need to log on and tune in to each informative webinar.

How to join
Our webinars will be held on Thursdays, from 04:00 to 05:00 p.m. GMT (See the equivalent time for your region).

If you wish to attend to these webinars, please email us in order to receive our e-mail invitations with the link to access to these webinars.

You can also connect to the webinar via your smartphone or your tablet.

Missed a session?
The webinars are recorded and these recordings are available online in MP4 format after each session. These will be made available on this page after each session.

Link'n Learn - Interactive Access to Deloitte Knowledge

RPA (Robotics) in the IM Industry


  • What is RPA? What are the challenges? Why is RPA relevant?
  • RPA today / RPA tomorrow
  • RPA - what are the challenges and insights form the expert
  • RPA applications to the IM industry
  • Case studies and video
  • Conclusions, what is next?
  • Q & A


Nicolas Hennebert - Partner, Financial Services, Luxembourg

Bernard Lecaillion - Director, Financial Services, Luxembourg

Simon Hanrahan - Manager, Financial Services, Ireland

Luke Halpin - Manager, Financial Services, Ireland

Yannick Mettavant - Manger, Audit & Assurance, Luxembourg

RPA (Robotics) in the IM Industry

Derivative Financial Instruments


  • Definition and use of derivatives
  • Classification of derivatives
  • Linear instruments
  • Swaps
  • Non-linear instruments
  • Structured products
  • Hybrid products
  • Recent trends in derivatives markets
  • OIS discounting
  • Credit Valuation Adjustment
  • Illustration: Swap trading in the past and nowadays
  • Q & A 


Guillaume Ledure - Senior Manager, Financial Services. Luxembourg.

Fabian De Keyn – Director, Financial Services. Luxembourg.

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Anti Money Laundering


  • Overview of partial AMLD4 transposition in Luxembourg
  • Law of 18 February 2018 partially transposing AMLD4 
  • Ongoing AMLD4 transposition:  Beneficial Owners registries  
  • Hot topic
  • AML Assurance:
    • Expectations of the Third Line of Defence
    • Benefits of IA Assessment
    • Key areas of focus for AML Internal Audit Review
  • Beneficial Ownership
  • Q & A 


Bastien Collette - Director, Advisory & Consulting, Luxembourg

Helene Fosset - Analyst, Advisory & Consulting, Luxembourg

Laura Wadding - Director, Investment Management, Ireland

Sinead Carey - Senior Manager, Advisory & Consulting , Ireland


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Regulated PERE Funds


What’s happening in Lux:

  • Trends and figures
  • Luxembourg PE/RE regulatory framework:
  • Fund manager regulation vs product regulation
  • Product regimes (SIF, SICAR, RAIF, etc)
  • AIFM news from Lux
  • Key operation topics
  • Luxembourg tax topics
  • Vehicle taxation regimes
  • BEPS and SPV structuring
  • Fund manager taxation and Transfer pricing from a Luxembourg standpoint
  • Q&A


    Sandrine Leclercq - Director, Investment Management, Luxembourg

    Gérard Lorent - Director, Investment Management, Luxembourg

    Arnaud Bon - Director, Investment Management, Luxembourg

    Enrique Marchesi - Director, Tax , Luxembourg

    Christophe Masset - Partner, Tax , Luxembourg

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    • Political and economic developments
    • Impact on the asset management industry
    • How regulators and firms are responding
    • Q&A


    Sandrine Leclercq - Director, Investment Management, Luxembourg

    Laura Wadding - Director, Financial Services, Dublin

    Joy Kershaw - Senior Manager, Financial Services, London

    Katherine Davidge - Senior Manager, Financial Services, London

    Alex Cole - Manager, Economics, London

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    Investment Management Outsourcing

    Thursday 14th June


    • Context
    • What is outsourcing?
    • Outsourcing models
    • Outsourcing measures
    • Choosing the right outsourcing partner


    David Berners - Director, Investment Management, Luxembourg

    Philippe Hijazin - Senior Manager, Financial Services, Luxembourg

    Investment Management Funds

    Thursday the 31st of May


    • Introduction
    • General Principles:
      • How an Investment Fund Works 
      • Different Structures
      • Parties Involved
    • Regulatory Evolution
    • Market Trends and Disruptive Technologies 


    Brian Jackson - Partner, Financial Services, Ireland Dublin

    Deina Bannon - Senior Manager, Financial Services, Ireland Dublin

    Julie Farren - Manager, Financial Services, Ireland Dublin

    Paola Draper - Senior Manager, Financial Services, Luxembourg

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    PRIIPs and KID

    Thursday 17th of May 


    • Introduction
    • The PRIIPs Framework
    • PRIIPs impact
    • Current Challenges 
      • Industry reaction and regulatory commentary – performance scenarios
      • Insurance view 
      • AM view 
      • Banking OTC-Structured products


    Chris Farkas, Director, Advisory & Consulting, United Kingdom

    Florence Buron, Director, Advisory & Consulting, Luxembourg

    Heather Robinson, Senior Manager, Advisory & Consulting, United Kingdom

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    Thursday 12th of March


    • Introduction 
    • Personal data and personal identifiable data
    • Legislations and other sources of guidance
    • Myths
    • Conclusion


    Georges Wantz - Director, Tax and Consulting, Financial Services . Deloitte Luxembourg.

    Mohammed Saadi - Manager, Risk Advisory . Deloitte Luxembourg.

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    Future of Banking: Digital and Regulatory

    Thursday 22nd of March 


    • Introduction 
    • PSD2 regulatory context 
    • The impact of PSD2 on Banking strategy decisions
    • What technology to face those challenges
    • Conclusion


    Benoit Sauvage - Senior Manager, Strategy and Operations . Deloitte Luxembourg.

    Xavier Turquin - Senior Manager, Strategy and Operations . Deloitte Luxembourg.

    Andy Fossion -  Consultant, Technology and Enterprise. Deloitte Luxembourg.

    Watch the webinar in full here. 

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    ETF's and Sustainability

    Thursday 8th of March


    • Introduction 
    • ETF landscape and future outlook
    • How the impact of current legislation is shaping the ETF landscape
    • Does the ETF regulatory landscape need to be reformed?
    • ETF and latest sustainability trends
    • Conclusion


    Christian MacManus - Partner Audit & Assurance. Deloitte Ireland.

    Jack Lee - Director, Audit & Assurance. Deloitte Ireland.

    Guillaume Brousse -  Director, Audit & Assurance. Deloitte Luxembourg.

    Derina Bannon - Senior Manager, Regulatory. Deloitte Ireland.

    Watch the webinar in full here.

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    Investment Management Tax Outlook 2018

    Thursday 15th of February 


    UK Tax

    • Proposed changes in non-UK resident taxation for investors holding UK real property investments;
    • New Trust Registration requirements in the UK;

    International Tax

    • Changes to capital gains tax on Indian securities;
    • French flat withholding tax on investment income; and
    • A brief summary of other recent international tax updates/changes.

    Irish Tax

    • Introduction of iXBRL reporting for Irish funds (likely property funds initially)
    • New return form for Irish Real Estate Funds expected in 2018
    • Updated guidance expected on Irish securitisation companies (which are often used in structures with fund vehicles)
    • Changes to Certificates of Residence by Irish Revenue
    • Extension of Irish CbCR reporting deadline for FY16 to 28 February
    • Changes to Investment Limited Partnership legislation expected in 2018



    Sheelan Shah - Director, Tax. Deloitte London.

    Seamus Kennedy - Senior Manager, Tax. Deloitte Ireland.

    Sybil Smyth - Tax. Deloitte Ireland.

    Watch the webinar in full here. 

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    Asset Management Regulatory Outlook 2018

    Thursday 1st of February


    • Brief Overview and Introduction of the Deloitte Regulatory Outlook
    • Investment Management Overview
    • Discussion on :a) MIFiD / PRIIPs outcome on IM and challenges for the PERE world b) GDPR 
    • CSSF and ESMA’s Asset Management Priorities for 2018
    • AML IV impacts and PPR review
    • Central Bank of Ireland Asset Management Priorities for 2018
    • Conclusion 


    Gérard Lorent - Director, Strategy and Regulatory. Deloitte Luxembourg.

    Arnaud Barosi - Director, Financial Services. Deloitte Luxembourg. 

    Benoit Sauvage - Senior Manager, Strategy and Regulatory. Deloitte Luxembourg. 

    Derina Bannon - Senior Manager, Legal and Regulatory. Deloitte Ireland.

    Watch the webinar in full here.

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