Minimise effort and risk with AIFMD reporting

Get a head start

The AIFMD reporting framework is now finalised, following the publication of ESMA’s guidelines on 1 October 2013.

Fund service providers are ideally placed to assist clients with the new reporting obligations and thereby develop new service offerings from AIFMD.


implementing an AIFMD reporting solution is not without challenges and risks. Clients need to know that the reporting solution is correctly calibrated. Deloitte can assist you to get your AIFMD reporting solution right first time – minimising the – minimising the risk to your business.

The AIFMD reporting requirements are detailed and comprehensive, involving high volumes of static and dynamic data from the AIFM, fund accounting, shareholder services and custody.

Particular care needs to be taken to ensure that the regulatory AuM and leverage exposure calculation methodologies have been interpreted and applied correctly. 

Minimise effort and risk with AIFMD reporting

Our approach

We have developed a validation process that can provide comfort over the appropriate design of your reporting programme. This process involves a thorough analysis of your reporting framework against the detailed reporting rules of AIFMD, assessing any significant assumptions in your report model and the relevent controls you have put in place. 

Upon completion, we will report to you in respect of each of the following four phases:

  • Validation of AIFMD reporting rules
  • Validation of AIFMD reporting systems
  • Validation of AIFMD reporting output
  • Controls report

How can we help?

We offer AIFMD reporting solutions tailored to your needs. We combine unrivalled experience in risk management with exceptional subject matter expertise on AIFMD to bring you the most cost effective way to minimise effort for you and minimise risk to your business. 

Our specialist team are core members of Deloitte’s global AIFMD task force and will deliver to you the right mix of local expertise and international intelligence.

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