Optimising global treasury


Optimising global treasury

Managing banks’ liquidity and funding risk

How can banks optimise the treasury function to build an integrated and efficient liquidity and funding framework?

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Despite the increasing regulatory complexity and divergence, treasurers need to monitor how the forthcoming regulatory developments will impact banks’ ability to manage liquidity and funding risk. Global banks need to take steps toward streamlining operations and integrating technology platforms to address the challenges identified.

This Deloitte Global report highlights the key regulatory developments that are impacting the treasury function. It also provides insight into the challenges that peer institutions are facing and how they are responding.

The report discusses several steps that banks can take to optimize the treasury function and build an integrated and efficient end-to-end liquidity and funding framework.

These steps are:

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Assessing the maturity of the treasury function, using the Treasury Maturity Curve

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Identifying which areas for optimisation are relevant to the firm

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Developing a plan to achieve the target state


While the journey to optimisation would vary for each firm, these actions will enable them to shift focus beyond regulatory compliance and take a more strategic role.

Read the full report to learn how Deloitte can assist you in optimising your treasury function and making it a success story.

Optimising global treasury
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