Re-domiciling funds

Moving onshore

Fund promoters are increasingly seeking to move their funds onshore to a recognised, regulated domicile with an appropriate regulatory and tax framework and the right expertise.

Why move your fund to Ireland?

  • Robust and efficient regulatory environment
  • Internationally recognised EU jurisdiction
  • Global fund distribution to over 70 countries
  • English-speaking, common law jurisdiction
  • No.1 for alternative investment fund administration
  • The most favourable tax environment
  • Fast-track authorisation for Qualifying Investor Funds
  • Optimum time zone to ensure global coverage
  • Efficient fund re-domiciling process
  • ISE is the leading stock exchange for listing funds
Re-domiciling funds

Ireland’s streamlined fund re-domiciling process

The Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009 introduced a new, efficient fund re-domiciling process that ensures minimal disruption to day-to-day management and distribution of the fund with no change in the tax status of the underlying Investors.

Key advantages

  • Ability to retain the fund’s performance track record post migration
  • Avoid potential adverse tax consequences for investors that might otherwise arise under a merger of an offshore fund with a new onshore fund
  • Prevent a charge to transfer taxes that might otherwise arise from the transfer of assets under a fund merger
  • Removal of the administrative burden of moving assets to a new fund
  • Upon authorisation, qualification is assured for the tax exemptions available for Irish regulated investment funds
  • Simultaneous authorisation (by the Central Bank) and registration (by the Companies Registration Office) to avoid delays and ease the administrative burden
  • No requirement for a general meeting of shareholders of the migrating company in Ireland

The streamlined fund re-domiciling process is available to both companies and unit trusts. Funds domiciled in the following jurisdictions can avail of the new re-domiciling framework: Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

Ireland’s streamlined fund re-domiciling process
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