Scaling in Ireland

Ensuring your perfect landing

Ireland is positioned as a leading global hub for aircraft leasing and finance, with 14 out of the top 15 leasing companies based here. This article aims to highlight the key regulatory / tax, property and talent advisory considerations in order to scale and grow in Ireland.

With the yearly growth of air traffic and the continual success of airline operating performance, the aviation finance industry has seen remarkable evolution over the past 10 years and a level of sustained growth is expected. This is nowhere more evident than in China, where passenger travel is expected to surpass North America and Europe by 2035, expanding on commercial aerospace sector demand.1 However, due to the unfavourable transaction and tax regulations in China, Chinese aircraft leasing organisations are seeking alternative locations for expansion.

Ireland has been long established as the global centre for aircraft leasing. Attractive economic factors including high GDP growth, strong consumer sentiment, and expanding employment place Ireland as a premier location to set-up foreign businesses. Other dynamics in the Irish marketplace such as an on-going availability of global talent, preferential legal features for aircraft leasing companies as well as a highly sought after Corporate Tax regime (12.5%) with over 70 double taxation treaties have all played a part in making Ireland the destination for aircraft leasing.

This article is the first of a three part series where we will discuss some of the unique factors to consider in order to successfully scale and grow in the aviation sector in Ireland. This article will provide an overview of the industry locally and will focus on 3 key areas for consideration including regulatory / tax, property and talent advisory.

It will consider the role a favourable regulatory landscape which makes Ireland a good place to do business in. It will offer an insight into the macro environment and fundamentals of the property market and it will present a view on the essential elements of talent acquisition and talent management strategies, that are necessary to establish and expand successful aviation finance organisations.

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