Insurance Breakfast Briefing Series 2018


Our 2018 Insurance Breakfast Briefings led by Deloitte’s insurance experts keeping you up to date with recent, events, key milestones and hot topics in the Insurance Industry.

Insurance Breakfast Briefing - Trending now

Date: 27 November 

This event provided insights on the hot topics for the year end and a look forward to what insurers should be planning for.
This event covered cyber and threat intelligence, provided an update on IFRS 17, including the current status on the question over the implementation date and a tax update on new and proposed changes as a result of the Finance Bill, BEP's and ATAD.


  • Introduction
  • IFRS 17 Update
  • TIBER (Threat Intelligence-based Ethical Red Teaming) EU Framework
  • Tax Update
  • Regulatory Update
  • Conclusion
Breakfast Briefing November 2018

IFRS 17 Vendor Solution Fair

Date: 4 October 2018

This fair provided you with an opportunity to see a working demonstration of IFRS 17 vendor solutions and allowed you the opportunity to engage with both Deloitte and vendor subject matter experts.

This was an IT solution oriented fair, rather than focusing on the technical accounting challenges. It gave you an opportunity to understand solutions that you may wish to explore further.

We also shared key technology findings from our global IFRS experiences.


  • Introduction
  • Demonstrations from vendors
  • Key global IFRS 17 technology insights
  • Meet and greet with IFRS 17 vendor representatives
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IFRS 17 Accountancy Standard. The road to successful implementation. What now?

Date: 14 August 2018 

The event focused on where insurers should be as they prepare to implement the new standard. The briefing covered an overview of the Deloitte Global IFRS 17 survey findings, an insight into how the financial statements presentation and disclosure requirements will be changed, practical challenges and decisions facing insurers specifically on the CSM calculation, and the importance of developing a robust Financial Impact Assessment (FIA) approach as you plan for the new standard.


  • Global IFRS 17 Survey
  • Presentation and Disclosure
  • CSM - Contractual Service Margin
  • Financial Impact Assessment & the Deloitte FIA Tool
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Recent events, key milestones and hot topics

Date: 29 June 2018

This event focused on: An overview of the recent events that have occurred in the Insurance Industry along with pointing out the key milestones and topics that are on the near horizon. The overall Industry landscape along with the regulatory environment is constantly changing, and as we begin to look forward and plan this briefing highlighted recent events and future consideration points.


  • Regulatory environment
  • IFRS 17
  • Industry update
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