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With a new Prime Minister and a change in the UK’s approach to the Brexit negotiations, it is now more important than ever for businesses to monitor and understand developments in the Brexit process. A ‘no deal’ Brexit is a real possibility, and the UK Government is increasing its activities to prepare. This means there are likely to be frequent developments leading up to 31 October 2019, the date for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Businesses will need to stay up to date on the latest preparedness notices and news from the UK Government and the EU, and update their own Brexit planning accordingly.

Brexit Monitoring

  • To help you navigate the extensive existing guidance, we will provide a catalogue of the key UK Government and European Commission notices, including an accessible overview of the issues and key actions to consider.
  • We will bring you the latest insights from political updates, policy announcements, regulatory changes and wider commentary direct to your inbox each week.
  • Our weekly summary of key Brexit-related developments covers a range of areas, such as supply chain, trade and customs, people, tax and law, and regulation. 
  • Available as a subscription service, you can select from two options:
    • Standard package: Coverage of Brexit guidance published by the UK Government and the European Commission, along with topical news items in our weekly summary.
    • Custom package: In addition to the Standard package, customised updates that include coverage of guidance published by EU27 Member States, and key UK and EU regulators.
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