Deloitte Brexit Lab

Accelerate your business beyond uncertainty, examine potential risks and explore opportunities

With the UK leaving the European Union (EU), organisations face a period of uncertainty with unknown consequences. What does this mean for your business? Are you ready to adapt, take new opportunities and mitigate any downward risks?

Our Solution : The Brexit Lab

Our Brexit Lab is a solution to accelerate businesses beyond uncertainty, examining potential risks, scenario planning and exploring opportunities to drive strategy and decision making.

In our Brexit Lab we analyse the risk potential of your company and work out solutions. We will work with you to identify the specific implications that affect your company most. We then develop short-term and long-term solutions for your Brexit strategy on the basis of your priorities and objectives. During the Lab you will be assisted by a team of our industry and technical experts. Together, we manage the complexity of the current economic situation and focus your business on the Brexit as best as possible.


What we have done already?

We have worked with a combination of Delotite and external experts to understand near-term, longer-term, and continuing impacts (risks and opportunities) of the leave vote.

We have assembled a network of experts on Brexit and using an interactive strategic approach they have developed a range of analysis on the likely risks and opportunities covering the economy, trade and tax, business strategy, supply chain, talent and legal ad regulatory considerations .


Helping you navigate through uncertainty

You are now likely to face a number of specific challenges and opportunities, many unique to your organisation. From our work so far, we have an understanding of prospective impacts both cross-industry and industry specific. We can help you to accelerate your understanding of which issues are relevant to you, what actions to take now to mitigate risks and maximise opportunities, and how to plan and prepare for further actions depending on the unfolding situation.

The Brexit Lab

How we can help

To accelerate your thinking and help you navigate your way through, we have developed a three-stage approach, which is modular and will be tailored to your needs.

Our approach will help you rapidly and robustly explore the impacts on your organisation, identifying specific risks and opportunities, before developing a strategic response, and executing at pre-defined trigger points.

Stage 1: 'Brexit Lab'

We will work with you to establish a 'Brexit Lab' where appropriate people from across your organisation can collaborate with selected expertise from Deloitte and elsewhere. This will enable you to:

  • Accelerate your thinking on Brexit;
  • Identify the risks and opportunities most pertinent to you; and to
  • Identify initial opportunities and options to mitigate risks.

As part of the Lab we will use information sharing tools and proven strategic tools and techniques, to build customised scenarios that will help you examine key uncertainties to your organisation and the markets you operate in.

The Brexit Lab will provide your task force with clear, multi-layered situations against which to consider likely impacts. This approach will prompt open discussion, help build consensus and support future planning and decision making.

The Lab will use the strategic outcome to highlight hot-spots where risks are high, and sweet-spots where the opportunities exist. These are presented in a diagnostic heat map which will form the basis for business areas and functions to move to the next stage.

The Brexit Lab is fully scalable and elements can be conducted in isolation depending on the work you have conducted so far. For organisations who are already reasonably advanced in their thinking, the Brexit Lab can be used to ensure alignment across the organisation as well as provide additional insight and challenges.

Stage 2: Strategic Development

We believe strategy is choice. Strategy is not a long planning document; it is a set of interrelated and powerful decisions that position the organisation to win. We will help you to develop strategic choices and a resulting strategic plan, which can be organisation-wide, or by business area/ function. Key opportunities and risks will be prioritised so appropriate actions can be taken quickly.

The result will be a strategic plan which will centre on a series of choices and decisions that can evolve over time, allowing you to adapt to the emerging Brexit situation. We will also help you to define triggers for you ot monitor so that any actions are timely and proportionate.

Stage 3: Monitor and Act

Finally, through our task-force management offfice, we can provide ongoing support to monitor data sources against defined triggers, avoid strategic drift and progress actions as necessary. We will also help ensure your organisation continues to adapt as the negotiation period unfolds and is best positioned to maximise oppportunities and mitigate any downsides - to survive and thrive.


Our Brexit Leads are able to support you through all stages and will draw upon experts from within the firm to advise and provide additional input on specific areas including: Risk, Economics, Strategy & Ops, Tax, Comms, HR & Talent, Legal & Regulation and Trade.

Preparing For Brexit : A Practical Approach
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