Contingency planning for Brexit


Contingency planning for Brexit

Managing uncertainty and preparing for change

With the United Kingdom set to leave the European Union in March 2019, organisations face a period of continued uncertainty with unknown consequences. Despite this uncertainty, Brexit is an issue that can be planned for using a proven contingency planning method.

Brexit is an issue and potentially, an opportunity for many organisations. Our Brexit Issues & Opportunities Map can help you to identify the areas of concern for your business and accelerate your preparations for Brexit. It will help you consider your exposure relating to:

  • Market Access
  • Movement of People
  • New Opportunities 

For more detail download our Brexit Issues & Opportunities Map.

Whilst nobody can predict the outcome of the next two years of negotiations, we can be sure that Brexit will require many organisations to take some big decisions. Some will require lengthy and complicated preparations, and there will be advantages in thinking about this sooner rather than later. The key is to preserve decision-space for as long as possible by planning ahead.

For more detail download our Brexit Contingency Planning Brochure. 

Deloitte Brexit contingency planning brochure

The Brexit Lab

A cross-functional, collaborative and immersive approach which will accelerate your contingency planning

The Deloitte ‘Brexit Lab’ is a flexible approach, including a series of workshops to help organisations to plan in the face of Brexit uncertainty. Facilitated by our contingency planning specialists and Brexit subject matter experts, alongside members of the organisations’ internal teams, the Brexit lab is an effective way to accelerate your understanding of Brexit issues and opportunities, consider the impacts of a number of scenarios and identify where you may need to take action. It can be used at different stages of your Brexit journey – providing a constant environment for assessing and reassessing impacts and strategic choices to develop and update your bespoke Brexit contingency plan.

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