Get Brexit Ready

Now that the UK and the EU have reached an agreement on their future economic relationship, let us help you with your various needs and degrees of Brexit preparations.

Brexit Readiness

Levels of preparedness vary from business to business, those who have not done any Brexit planning, those who previously had contingency measures and those who have undertaken robust Brexit preparations. We support you through all degrees of your preparation through full Brexit workshops, assessment of existing Brexit preparations and crisis labs, which help you, prepare for day one after Brexit.

Risk Advisory offer preparedness workshops and desktop reviews to support business in turbo-charging no deal preparations. Contact us to find out more about gap analysis and assurance reviews.

Contact David Carson and Sean Smith for further information.

C-suite conversations

Brexit is consistently near the top of the board agenda for many businesses. C-suite leads must be ready to engage with their business on the biggest Brexit issues and what this means for their business.

Deloitte has created a customs compliance offering which combines global trade advisory expertise and technology to offer a Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP) and customs compliance solution.

Contact Eva O’Toole for more information.


Technical Advice

To tackle the 5 key issues businesses are facing, such as market access and trade, supply chain and legal, Deloitte provides specialist technical advice and connects your business to deep specialisms within the our service lines.

Stakeholder management and communications

Managing relationships with stakeholders remains a top priority for businesses, even more so in uncertain political times. We help your business to take away the key messages from the political, legislative and economic environment and create clear messaging on what it means for you and how it will impact your stakeholders including suppliers, customers, employees, lenders, regulators.

Monitoring Proposition

A new subscription based service offering that helps businesses navigate existing guidance by providing a catalogue of key UK Government and European Commission notices, and political developments, tailored to each type of business.

Read our product card for more information.

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