Board member programme


Board member programme

Excellence in the boardroom

Our Board member programme has been designed to provide support and guidance to boards and individual directors in this complex business environment. It creates opportunities for executive and non-executive directors to engage with peers on the latest developments and access a wide-ranging programme of technical briefings, education and training.

Overview of our board member programme

As part of our programme we provide a range of technical briefings, education, bespoke training and labs to boards and individual directors across all industries. The format of the programme ranges from presentations and seminars through to workshops for whole boards to training for individual directors. We also run a number of roundtable discussion sessions for particular groups of directors based upon their position, market segment or industry.

For further details about our programme, or further information on bespoke training, please contact Colm McDonnell or Melissa Scully.

Recent event: May 25

We recently held a roundtable breakfast discussion on the 25 May which focused on the Board’s role in tackling culture.

The topic of organisational culture is becoming increasingly important for regulated entities in financial services. The term has been over-used to the point which it is difficult to ascertain what is really meant when discussing the term “culture”. Nevertheless, it is a matter which can have a profound impact on the sustainable success or inevitable failure of an organisation. The purpose of this event was too provide Board members with an opportunity to hear the latest insights on this topic and discuss it with fellow Board members.

At the event we had a number of presentations to include:

  • Regulatory expectations - a keynote speech on regulatory expectations on culture by Claire Lanigan, Head of Division, Asset Management Supervision, Central Bank of Ireland (‘CBI’). Claire focused on the CBI’s expectations on the role of Boards and Non-Executive Directors in fostering the correct culture and described the CBIs approach to the current cultural reviews being undertaken in the banks. She also touched on the importance of senior manager accountability and highlighted this as an area the CBI would be focusing on in the future.
  • Culture and the role of Boards - Melissa Scully, Leader of our Centre for Corporate Governance, discussed the concept of culture and explained the distinction between culture, risk culture and conduct risk, and how these components are interlinked. She also outlined the responsibilities of the Board in setting and monitoring culture, highlighting how Non-Executive Directors can discharge these responsibilities.
  • What next? Practical steps to consider – to finish the event, Rose Marie Kennedy, Senior Manager in Risk Advisory, shared some practical steps for Board members to consider to tackle the topic of culture in the boardroom.

At the session attendees discussed a number of questions related to culture during breakout sessions, the responses of which provided some very insightful and thought-provoking views. 

There were approximately 50 board members in attendance on the day. We thank you all for your time and participation.

Please see presentation from the event here, if you would like to hear more about future Financial Services Boards events, please contact Colm McDonnell, Darren Griffin or Melissa Scully.

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