Board member programme


Board member programme

Excellence in the boardroom

Our Board member programme has been designed to provide support and guidance to boards and individual directors in this complex business environment. It creates opportunities for executive and non-executive directors to engage with peers on the latest developments and access a wide-ranging programme of technical briefings, education and training.

Overview of our board member programme

As part of our programme we provide a range of technical briefings, education, bespoke training and labs to boards and individual directors across all industries. The format of the programme ranges from presentations and seminars through to workshops for whole boards to training for individual directors. We also run a number of roundtable discussion sessions for particular groups of directors based upon their position, market segment or industry.

For further details about our programme, or further information on bespoke training, please contact Colm McDonnell or Melissa Scully.

Upcoming event: May 25

Roundtable Breakfast Discussion: Financial Services Boards – Tackling culture in the boardroom 8am Friday 25 May 2018
Culture in financial services is receiving increasingly more attention from regulators. Alongside this the role of the Board is evolving and Boards are now expected to help shape, oversee and monitor culture. Tackling these responsibilities in the boardroom is a challenging task.

Claire Lanigan, Head of Division, Asset Management Supervision, Central Bank of Ireland will deliver a keynote speech on regulatory expectations in relation to driving meaningful cultural change to repair and restore trust. Following this, Colm McDonnell, Rose-Marie Kennedy and Melissa Scully will provide updates on the latest developments and facilitate discussion and debate amongst attendees on a number of aspects of culture, to include:

  • What is culture? - in recent years the focus has shifted from risk culture to conduct risk. We will look at what culture means for financial services institutions and the various components of organisation culture.
  • Culture in the boardroom – our speakers will share insights into some of the practical steps boards can take to discharge their responsibilities related to culture.

This event is open to executive and non-executive directors in the financial services industry.

interested in attending this event, or would like to hear more about future Financial Services Boards events, please contact Colm McDonnell, Darren Griffin or Melissa Scully.

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