2013 top five global employer rewards priorities survey

Attracting and retaining top talent

The global race to attract and retain top talent is foremost on employers’ minds as reward challenges continue in a difficult economy.

As business borders have expanded globally, so has the competition for talent to fuel those businesses. So much so that HR leaders we surveyed around the world named talent - finding it, motivating and keeping it - their top challenge over the next three years.

On a personal level, these same HR professionals are concerned about their own employment security, their ability to earn rewards that lead to economic advancement and their ability to afford retirement.

Is there a “sweet spot” here, where employers’ talent concerns and employees’ career concerns can be reconciled and alleviated? Maybe yes, maybe no, but understanding each side’s priorities in the context of the global talent marketplace should be an important first step to finding out.

Since 1994, Deloitte Consulting LLP and the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists (ISCEBS) have been surveying HR professionals about their rewards priorities. This year, the survey expanded internationally to include employers from 27 countries across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. The survey also represents a diverse cross section of employer populations by industry and size.

Though rankings varied somewhat across geographies, the top five priorities reported are:

  1. The ability of reward programs to attract, motivate and retain employees
  2. Clear alignment of Total Rewards strategy with business strategy and brand
  3. Motivating staff when pay increases are flat or non-existent
  4. The cost of providing benefits to employees
  5. Demonstrating appropriate return on investment for reward expenditures
2013 top five global employer rewards priorities survey
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