Talent 2020


Culture for sceptics

The catalyst for strategy

At its simplest, a company’s culture answers two very basic questions faced by each of its employees. What must I do to get ahead in this place? How do I need to behave?

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It’s easy to sound vague when talking about culture. Leaders may talk about building a culture of innovation, endeavour or customer-centricity but you can never define this as crisply as you can a cost-income ratio. And you can’t measure it with precision like market share. But it is real and straightforward and – understood in the right way – entirely possible to manage culture for the betterment of your firm.

Culture for sceptics

Industry perspectives from these surveys are now available. These reports are an extension of the original Talent 2020 survey reports and offer industry and sector specific view into the talent landscape.

The Talent 2020 series follows the Managing talent in a turbulent economy longitudinal survey series which took the pulse of business and talent leaders in the marketplace as organizations navigated through shifting economic conditions in 2009 and 2010.

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