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Human Capital Trends Survey 2019: Irish Insights

Leading the social enterprise: reinvent with a human focus

Amid rapid technological, economic and social change, the most important talent trends facing Irish organisations are learning, leadership and employee experience. This is based on findings from the Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2019 survey.

The survey tracks the top trends shaping the agenda for HR leaders and business leaders globally. Completed by nearly 10,000 respondents in 119 countries, and almost 90 respondents in Ireland, Deloitte’s ninth annual report, Leading the Social Enterprise, is the largest longitudinal survey of its kind.

This document outlines the findings from the survey respondents in Ireland. In order to be able to create value as a social enterprise in today’s dynamic and demanding environment, organisations must reinvent themselves - with a human focus - on three fronts: the workforce, the organisation, and HR.

2019 Human Capital Trends Survey: Irish Insights

2019 Human Capital Trends Report: Irish insights

Some key Irish insights from the survey:

  • 20% of organisations indicated that they are ready to fully engage the alternative workforce.
  • Globally, 84% of organisations recognise that they need to rethink their workforce experience to improve productivity. However, in Ireland, only 45% of organisations feel they are ready to enhance their employee experience.
  • 47% say their biggest acquisition challenge is finding full time workers with the right skills.
  • 78% of respondents expect an increase in the opportunities for mobility in the next 3 years.

Global Human Capital Trends Report 2019

This report — a companion to the 2019 Irish Human Capital Trends survey report — focuses on how the intensifying combination of economic, social, and political issues is forcing HR and business leaders to learn to lead the social enterprise—and reinvent their organisations around a human focus.

Global Human Capital Trends 2019

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