Open Talent Economy


The open talent economy

People and work in the borderless economy

What the open source model did for software, the open talent economy is doing for work. Supported by global megatrends, the employer-employee relationship has undergone a dramatic shift. Talent is no longer a mere business expense, but an asset to be invested in - and measured.

Our new report, 'The open talent economy' lays out a framework to show how organisations can develop a specific talent strategy that is measurable, tied to business results, and refreshed by a feedback-driven cycle of informed improvement. Explore the framework. See how crowdsourcing and other open talent practices are influencing the way people and companies work. Consider the impact on your employees’ lifecycle. Mark your spot on the open talent continuum. The open talent economy is open for business - step inside and have a look.

Talent is no longer a mere business expense, but an asset to be invested in — and measured.

The open talent economy introduces a framework to guide talent strategy that brings together three components:

  • External influencers (the global megatrends, along with regional and industry trends)
  • Talent investments (the strategies, programs, and infrastructure solutions available to an organization)
  • Business performance (the measurable business and talent outcomes of the investments an organization has chosen)

The framework also recognizes that talent strategy isn’t only about your workforce or the mass of available talent, but also about individuals—each at a different stage of their career and lifecycle as an employee. The ways you acquire, develop, reward, and retain these individuals will vary according to the openness of your strategy.

The open talent economy
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