Actuarial, Rewards & Analytics

Organisations are challenged with new emerging risks as they seek profitable growth and attempt to maximise the return on capital by understanding the risk adjusted opportunities to deploy the capital. Deloitte’s Actuarial, Rewards & Analytics (ARA) practitioners help business leaders make informed decisions to grow revenue, manage risk and capital, reduce operational costs, and design compensation and reward programs to address critical business, financial, and insurance challenges. We work with many of the world’s leading financial services providers in Life, Property & Casualty insurance, as well as with Healthcare plans and providers, and provide Rewards and Risk management advice to organisations from all industries and all geographies.

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Our Services

  • Core Actuarial
  • Regulatory, Risk & Capital Advisory
  • Insurance & Healthcare, Product & Underwriting Excellence
  • Finance & Actuarial Transformation
  • Pension Investmenty Advisory
  • Analytics, Machine Learning & Data Science
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Retirement Advisory & Risk Management
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring 

Actuarial 2020: Transform the function

Imagine a world where your organisation’s actuaries can address be called to answer burning questions – and get business-oriented, easy-to-visualise responses that inform strategic decision making.

Actuarial 20/20: A corporate evolution worth realising

Actuarial 20/20 is an offering that assists organisations and their actuarial teams in transforming and enhancing the value of the actuarial processes, systems, and people. Transformation, performed hand in hand with senior management, ultimately improves the overall value of the actuarial team as an important player in business and finance decision making.

People analytics: Recalculating the route

Analytics is no longer about finding interesting information and flagging it for managers. Now, data are being used to understand every part of a business operation, and analytical tools are being embedded into day-to-day decision making.

Talent analytics

Meet our leaders

Cormac Hughes

Cormac Hughes

Partner | Head of Consulting

Cormac is the Head of Consulting at Deloitte Ireland. Prior to this appointment, Cormac led the Strategy and Operations team within consulting where he advised international corporate clients on Strat... More

Daryl Hanberry

Daryl Hanberry

Partner | Head of TMT

Daryl Hanberry is a Partner within our tax department with over 15 years’ experience with Deloitte. Daryl is Deloitte Ireland's Technology, Media & Telecommunications industry lead as well as Head of ... More

Lorraine Griffin

Lorraine Griffin

Partner | Head of Tax

Lorraine leads our Tax team and is current Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce Tax Policy Group. She has worked and advised on a range of significant M&A transactions in recent years, both on th... More

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