EMEA Centers of Excellence

Identifies existing EMEA teams with niche expertise and specialist resources in any combination of service lines, industries, technical products and applications usually in one EMEA location, but occasionally co-located across two or more countries. And then helps those teams share, build and leverage their expertise across borders within EMEA supported by investment from their local Member Firms.

The EMEA Digital Learning CoE

The Digital Learning CoE builds highly interactive and engaging digital learning content which enables successful skill development and knowledge transfer using innovative, customised learning solutions.

Based in Belgium & South Africa.  Please conact Wim Peeters for further information.


The EMEA FS Asset Servicing CoE

The FS Asset Servicing CoE provides strategic and operational consulting services to the asset servicing firms in key European markets which provide back office services to the European asset management sector.

Based in Ireland & Luxembourg.  Please contact David Dalton & Benjamin Collette for further information.

The EMEA IBM Business Analytics CoE

The IBM Business Analytics CoE provides advisory and implementation services to challenge, re-design and optimise processes and businesses and to build Insight Driven Organisations, powered by IBM Technology.

Based in Belgium.  Please contact Geert Hallemeesch for further information.

The EMEA IBM Maximo CoE

The IBM Maximo CoE delivers Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions which improve asset performance and contribution, enabled by the IBM Maximo solution, the leading tool for EAM across asset intensive industries.

Based in Ireland.  Please conatct Peter Kearney for further information.

The EMEA IT Infrastructure CoE

The IT infrastructure CoE provides IT infrastructure services across strategy, architecture, design and delivery to optimise infrastructure processes and tools, to manage business change and to source the best commercial deals.

Based in UK. Please contact Matt Lacey for further information.

The EMEA IBM Websphere Commerce CoE

The EMEA IBM Websphere Commerce CoE utilises extensive knowledge of the IBM Customer Engagement suite to provide end-to-end management for IBM Commerce-based Omni-channel B2B & B2C eCommerce projects.

Based in Italy.  Please contact Andrea Laurenza & Marco de Biasi for further information.

The EMEA JD Edwards CoE

The JD Edwards CoE delivers Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) projects to clients across multiple industries based on Oracle’s JD Edwards Enterprise One integrated suite of ERP applications.

Based in Italy.  Please contact Fabio Tamiazzo & Michele Paolin for further information.

The EMEA Microsoft SharePoint CoE

The Microsoft SharePoint CoE provides services which enable information and knowledge sharing, social co-operation, enterprise connectivity and business analytics and builds solutions which maximise productivity and efficiency. 

Based in Spain.  Please contact Jorge Arahuetes & Alberto Jimenez for further information.

The EMEA OpenText CoE

The OpenText CoE provides advisory and implementation services to help clients capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content via OpenText technology to improve business performance and customer experience.

Based in Belgium & Spain.  Please contact Sven Wylock for futrher information.

The EMEA SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) CoE

The EMEA SAP EWM CoE supports national and international projects in the warehouse management domain, enabled by the implementation of SAP EWM solutions, to improve warehouse processes as part of overall supply chains.

Based in Belgium.  Please contact Steven Moors for further information.

The EMEA SAP GTS (Global Trade Services) CoE

The SAP GTS CoE advises clients in the deployment of SAP GTS in response to cross-border trade management requirements, including customs management, compliance management and trade preference management.

Based in Belgium.  Please contact Yannick Jacques for further information.

The EMEA SAP Mining CoE

The SAP Mining CoE supports global Mining & Metals businesses in exploration, mining and extraction via a pre-configured SAP mining solution and related services to maximise speed in the realisation of system benefits.

Based in South Africa.  Please contact Frank van Niekerk for further information.

The EMEA SAP for Utilities CoE

The SAP for Utilities CoE advises utility companies in both the private and public sector in the implementation and use of SAP IS-U and SAP CRM and in Business Intelligence for Customer Relationship Management.

Based in Spain.  Please contact Manuel Blanco for further information.

The EMEA Telecoms Engineering CoE

The EMEA Telecoms Engineering CoE provides expertise covering the entire communications and service platforms lifecycle across all industries with telecom networks and services.

Based in Portugal.  Please contact Antonio Lagartixo for further information.

The EMEA Temenos CoE

The Temenos CoE supports the full stack of Temenos products and provides training services, feasibility studies and target operating model designs as well as full implementation support for Temenos solutions.

Based in Luxembourg & Central Europe.  Please contact Patrick Laurent for further information.

The EMEA TIA (The Insurance App) CoE

The TIA CoE delivers major transformations and highly sophisticated projects in the insurance sector, based on the TIA solution, an integrated end-to-end insurance application.

Based in Portugal.  Please contact Pedro Maldonado Lopes for further infomration.