Strategic Change

Our Approach

Change is expected to happen more rapidly, is increasing in number & complexity as organisations have an imperative to transform. Emerging technologies and markets, agile ways of working, increasing regulations, embracing challenges & opportunities of digital era, M&A activities — these are just some of the drivers of strategic change.

Deloitte’s change approach brings new and practical insights, informed by data and analytics, to enable high impact organisational and people-related business transformation. Through transformation labs, it helps leadership teams create the right conditions, make the right decisions in an aligned manner, and take the appropriate actions to enable the desired outcomes. It equips employees to translate business strategy into personal meaning and change their behaviors and mind-set to embrace the transformation and support its goals.

How we can help

Our approach to strategic change starts with insights drawn from analysis of objective and self-reported data.  We deliver precise solutions that combine the right levers to accelerate the pace of organisational change.  The result is lasting impact.

Our strategic change team can provide the following services:

  • Organisation design
  • Strategic change
  • Culture change
  • Change management (technology adoption)

Organisation design

Organisation design can be a significant accelerator in performance of complex business environments. By creating direct alignment of the organisation to its strategy and business model, the performance of people within the business is enhanced with corresponding benefits to results.


Strategic change

Faced with tougher, more numerous challenges, today's organisations are demanding more from their change initiatives. Our way of approaching change isn't driven by process, data, or "knowledge" alone. It rests on a foundation of analytical insight and rigorous precision. The result is change that identifies and reaches defined end-state goals more effectively – and more quickly. When change itself speeds up, the term "acceleration" becomes appropriate.

Our Strategic change services deliver programmes to help organisations change to meeting strategic objectives, and helping organisations adapt to based on a variety of strategic needs including enterprise cost reduction, culture change, risk and regulatory reform, mergers and acquisitions  and finance transformation.


Culture change

An organisation's culture is a complex but a highly valuable asset.  If successfully aligned with corporate strategy, culture is difficult to copy and can deliver a powerful and sustainable competitive advantage.

We believe that changing behaviors is the key to creating real, sustainable culture change. Many change initiatives fail because they try to change the culture rather than the behaviours that form the culture. Our approach is to focus on what’s tangible and go beyond billboards and coffee cup slogans and change behaviours in key events performed at the job performer level. We identify the behaviours necessary for success and where they need to occur and develop tactical, measurable plans to change them.


Change management (Technology adoption)

Experience and research makes the case for Human capital in technology projects very clear; people issues are the most common reason for project failure  - not technical ones.
Our Technology adoption services focus on the people issues associated with technology implementations. We provide an integrated approach covering change, communications, and training leadership to help our clients solve their business challenges.

Our solutions:

  • Align leaders and key stakeholders around a common vision to support the change
  • Minimise loss of productivity by improving time to system proficiency
  • Align end user performance with corporate strategies
  • Build a platform for continuous learning and system support
  • Aide the business in communicating the vision, changes, and expectations with their stakeholders

Meet our leaders

Ian Curtin

Ian Curtin

Director - Consulting

Ian is a Director in the Organisation Transformation offering in Deloitte’s Human Capital consulting practice. Ian works with clients on culture, diversity, creating adaptable organisations, and the F... More

Vicky Menzies

Vicky Menzies

Director - Consulting

Vicky is a Director in the Human Capital team in Deloitte. Vicky has 12 years’ experience specialising in strategic change and technology adoption for large scale business transformations. Her experie... More