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Foreword from our CEO, Harry Goddard

Illuminating our impact

I am pleased to share our 2019 Impact Report with you.

Our Purpose - to make an impact that matters - guides us in how we support our clients, our people and the society in which we operate.

We've chosen the stories contained in this report as just some of the many examples that shed a light on what we mean by making an impact that matters.

The role of our business

We have an important role as a business in how we contribute to the society we operate in. In part, the stories in this report bring this role to life - revealing some insight into what we believe is expected of us and how we hold ourselves to account.

Capital markets trust us, regulators respect our viewpoints; clients engage us to support their businesses and help them with complex problems; our people want positive and meaningful career opportunities; and our local communities and charity partners expect us to play a role in supporting their needs.

This is our role as a business in its entirety.

Our business operates in a dynamic and changing environment. These changes are driven by the expectations of our regulators, the demands of our clients and the availability of new technology, amongst others.

What must remain consistent however is that we remain true to our purpose. That we are a force for good – making a sustainable and positive impact on our society, in our communities and in our markets.

Delivering impact

We make our greatest impact when our people are working with our clients to deliver projects that have a positive societal impact. To cite just some examples of what we mean by this, over the last year, we've been working on developing chatbots that help people feel safer online. We've also been focussing on the area of digital health with clients – playing our part to support quicker diagnoses and to make healthcare easier and more affordable.

The stories contained in this report demonstrate that our Corporate Responsibility agenda is rooted in the advancement of education for people often on the margins of society. Based on our core competency of people development and aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4 (Quality education), 8 (Decent work and economic growth) and 17 (Partnerships for the goals), we do this through our WorldClass initiative. WorldClass is a global initiative that we have activated locally through our charity partnerships where we use our core expertise to develop job skills, improve educational outcomes and create opportunities for those who otherwise might not be able to reach their full potential. At a global level, the WorldClass ambition is to impact 50 million people by 2030 through the Deloitte network. Here in Ireland, we have had a positive impact on nearly 10,000 people's lives since this initiative was launched in 2018, which includes the support of 14,500 volunteer hours by our people so far (as of September 2019).

Responsible business

We recognise our role as a responsible business in our community. This year we launched our first Consultative Stakeholder Forum where we brought together stakeholders from across industry bodies and businesses to discuss our role in supporting responsible business and responsible business practices. The debate included not just our responsibility as auditors, but also, for example, as tax advisors and how we contribute appropriately and constructively to the ongoing responsible tax policy debate. This is an important discussion and one which we will continue regularly.

The power of our people

Throughout the year our people bring incredible energy and determination to make an impact in the community. We have had the opportunity to support many inspired individuals who have committed their time and energy towards improving the society we live in – helping to foster and create opportunity through education for those who otherwise might not have the prospect, both at home and abroad.

They have brought the same determination to deliver for our clients as they deal with the dynamic and changing environment - supporting them to drive their businesses forward with the insight and knowledge that they bring.

It is their stories that have created this report.

Our people's time is their most valuable commodity and recognising how we can better support them to be successful in their personal and professional lives is a priority for us. Our PhotoVoice series, as outlined in this report, helps to reveal the very practical challenges our people from across the organisation face, irrespective of their background or level. This input helps to inform our policies and practices such that we can create a more inclusive environment for all.

Our future firm

This is our first Impact Report as a member of Deloitte North West Europe (NWE). Ireland joined Deloitte NWE on 1 June 2018. On the same date in 2019, Deloitte NWE became Deloitte North and South Europe as Greece, Italy and Malta joined the fold. With over 45,000 people in 13 countries, we have an impressive diversity of skills and expertise to better serve our clients and make more of an impact in our communities.

For my part, as I take on the role of CEO of Deloitte Ireland, and as Deloitte North West Europe becomes Deloitte North and South Europe, I look with confidence and anticipation at what we can achieve in the coming years to further deliver meaningful impact.

I hope you enjoy this report.

Harry Goddard
CEO, Deloitte Ireland