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A winning agenda

Deloitte Ireland's Green Agenda Programme has delivered a large number of environmental improvements since its inception in 2008. It has enabled us to embed sustainability in our operations, while also raising awareness of environmental topics among our people.

The programme spans a number of operational areas to address a range of environmental concerns including climate change, air pollution, water consumption, waste production, biodiversity and habitat loss, and resource consumption.

As part of the programme, we've developed specific action plans for each of these areas, and implemented a number of initiatives to drive progress in them. For example, we held interactive Grow-It-Yourself workshops throughout 2018. These workshops highlighted the health, wellbeing and environmental benefits of growing your own food.

Positively, these action plans have delivered results. Following our successful transition and recertification to ISO14001:2015 in 2017, we felt that it was time to see how we measured up against other companies and their efforts to be more environmentally friendly. Entering the Green Awards and The Chambers Ireland CSR awards offered us the opportunity to benchmark just how we were performing.

It turns out we are not doing too badly! In fact, we are honoured to have been selected as winners of both the Green Professional Services Award at the Green Awards and the Excellence in Environment Award at the Chambers Ireland CSR Awards in 2018.

Our success has given us further impetus to continue our efforts in this regard, and we are committed to the long term development of our Green Agenda Programme. We will continue to undertake new projects, engage with our stakeholders and challenge ourselves to make an impact that matters for our environment every day.

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