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Empowering young leaders to make a societal impact

Reflections from the 2019 One Young World Summit

  • The One Young World Summit gives a voice to the next generation of leaders as they come together to learn from one another and discuss the biggest challenges the world is facing.
  • Two delegates from Deloitte Ireland told us about their experience at the 2019 Summit.
Opening ceremony of One Young World 2019

Every year, the One Young World (OYW) Summit brings together young leaders from around the world for a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to be inspired for positive change, develop leadership skills, and build their global networks. As part of our WorldClass ambition to impact 50 million people, Deloitte are a global partner of the Summit.

Deloitte has been sending delegates to the One Young World Summit since 2011. After the Summit, the delegates commit their inspiration and skills to address some of the world’s most complex global challenges through projects they deliver.

IE delegates Róisín and Niall at One Young World 2019 in London.

Deloitte's delegation to last year’s Summit, which took place from 22-25 October 2019, was the largest and the most diverse to date - attended by 50 Deloitte professionals from across the globe, 10 Deloitte OYW Scholars; one Lead 2030 challenge winner, and five Deloitte executives.

We were proud to have Niall Kelly and Róisín Fitzpatrick represent Deloitte Ireland at last year’s Summit, which focused on five key issues: education, peaceful future, media freedom, poverty alleviation, and planetary health.

Róisín Fitzpatrick, Director in Immigration Services shared her perspective:

“My background is in criminal law, human rights and immigration. As part of that, I’ve always taken an interest in corporate responsibility. Larger companies have access to a wealth of knowledge and plenty of people who want to make an impact in the world and therefore there is great opportunity to positively impact society in a unique way.

One of my highlights of the Summit was meeting some of the One Young World scholars – they provided such insight into ways to make an individual and collective impact around the world. Jane Goodall, as a speaker, was as interesting as I’d hoped her to be too! It was also great to see the positive actions that are being taken by both our clients and our industry peers.

A real benefit of attending the Summit is the understanding we gained into many different viewpoints and programmes that are already running. I can apply these frameworks and thought processes to initiatives that we’re running in Ireland. It is a great opportunity to build up a network – although any network is only as good as the action that follows it - One Young World is good at driving that action behind those initial ideas and connections (I’m still getting messages on the Deloitte OYW Whatsapp group!).

At the opening ceremony, there were 191 flags and nationalities represented. It hit me then that I will probably never be sitting in a room with that much diverse representation again. Seeing that level of representation from so many countries was probably my favourite part of the whole Summit.”

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Empowering young leaders to make a societal impact

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