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Protecting our people

Taking care of each other in the new world of work

  • We aim to create and maintain a safe, healthy, fulfilling working environment in which our people can make an impact that matters on a daily basis.

How can we ensure that our people stay happy, healthy, and connected when physical presence is not an option and the world has become a different place overnight? Flexibility, resilience, and plenty of creativity are certainly a good start. Over the past few months, Deloitte people have demonstrated all of these and more - epitomising our shared value of ‘taking care of each other’ whilst adjusting to new ways of working.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, activating our purpose to make an Impact that Matters for our clients, our people, our community and our planet has become more important than ever. Though our people are now further away, we remain more connected than ever and are committed to continuing to activate our purpose; despite the difficulties that the world is facing.

As we continue to adjust to a new way of working and living, we have faced new challenges and have made sure to equip our people with effective ways of dealing with these challenges. With all of our business activity now taking place virtually, our IT teams have rolled out new software and applications to ensure our teams stay connected, encouraging participation, collaboration and conversation, while also guaranteeing we continue to deliver the high quality solutions and advice that our clients expect.

Throughout this pandemic, we have asked our people to prioritise their wellbeing and have launched a ‘Working from Home Hub’ to support them in doing this. By providing tips on team connectivity, financial and general wellbeing, learning and development, we are striving to protect our people to the best of our abilities. Our Wellbeing & Inclusion Team also launched Find Your Peace, a wellbeing programme in collaboration with Dr Maria Quinlan, which was implemented to help our people to ‘Find Their Peace’ and feel calmer by using guided meditation and freewriting before taking photos to capture their thoughts, helping to articulate their feelings and find their inner calm during these uncertain times.

Working from home – the new normal

As we continue to navigate our way through this crisis, we have recognised that working parents or carers may be facing additional challenges. In response to these additional challenges, we launched a collaborative Working Parent Hub, which provides support and resources for our people with children at home. In addition to this, further flexible working hours were also introduced, empowering our people to find what works for them and their family. To support our people in doing this, we introduced a COVID-19 Sabbatical, which recognises that there may be people across our business who are finding it difficult to work remotely and manage additional caring responsibilities alongside their day job; we also had people interested in pursuing COVID-19 crisis volunteer opportunities within their communities, which we also wanted to support. In response to this, the firm offered a voluntary partially paid Sabbatical whereby people could apply for a six-week block of leave, allowing flexibility for our people when they needed it most.

Our people are our greatest asset – which is why it is important to acknowledge all of the work our teams have done to make the transition to the new world of work a little easier for our people. No matter what challenges we may face, we believe that together, we will be able to emerge even more resilient than before.

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Protecting our people

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