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The GLOBE Committee redefines Pride at Deloitte

Working to ensure our focus goes beyond Pride

  • Our internal LGBTI+ and allies network, GLOBE, is a voluntary group of people in Deloitte Ireland committed to creating a respectful, proud and inclusive workplace.

Our GLOBE committee significantly expanded their agenda in 2019, ensuring that the focus of LGBTI+ inclusion goes beyond Pride celebrations once a year. After three years of organising a successful annual internal Pride event and fundraiser in June, and taking part in the Dublin Pride Parade, the committee performed a critical review of GLOBE’s activities.

They developed a new agenda with a threefold focus: to continuously inform and educate our people, to support those who need it and to make a positive impact on LGBTI+ causes in our community.

“Pride is not only about celebration – it’s also about acknowledging societal issues, informing our people, and encouraging not only acceptance, but inclusion too. We needed a new approach to make this happen”

Dane Hickey, GLOBE committee lead

Internal awareness and ally-ship

The GLOBE Committee have grown their internal network through communications campaigns, movie screenings, educational talks and more. Our people are encouraged to sign up to become part of a community of allies where they receive a Pride themed lanyard to demonstrate visible ally-ship. Since the launch of this initiative, nearly 400 of our people have signed up to become an official Deloitte ally.

The Committee had great success in 2019 with their communications and awareness strategy through a number of popular internal campaigns including Coming Out Day, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, Transgender Awareness Week. In 2019, HIV Ireland were identified as GLOBE’s chosen charity partner, having previously collaborated during our annual IMPACT Day. During the course of the year, GLOBE donated almost €5,000 to HIV Ireland to support their broader awareness campaigns and activities across the country.

A milestone for transgender inclusion

One of GLOBE’s key objectives for the year was to formally set out the supports available to transgender employees at Deloitte, resulting in the formation of our Transgender Employment Policy, developed in collaboration with our People and Purpose team as well as our Inclusion Council. This policy covers a range of topics including name changes and confidentiality, guidance for colleagues, gender-neutral toilets and leave options.

The policy was launched during Transgender Awareness Week in November 2019, accompanied by a well-attended awareness session led by Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) and HR training workshops provided by BelongTo Youth Services. ‘Genderbread Person’ wallet cards were designed and distributed throughout our offices to further educate our people on gender identity and gender expression; an innovative approach to informing our people on LGBTA topics. We consider the policy launch a hugely proud moment and a highlight for Deloitte Ireland’s Inclusion agenda, and have since engaged with multiple Deloitte geographies looking to mirror the policy in their regions.

The future of GLOBE

Following the transition to a virtual working world, the GLOBE committee recognised the opportunity to continue sharing best practices across geography borders to strengthen the message of Inclusion in Deloitte together. Through a partnership with the charity ShoutOut, who are committed to improving life for the LGBTI+ community and youth through education, a series of educational sessions were hosted throughout June and July, for Deloitte people in Ireland and across the wider North South Europe Deloitte member firm.

There is significant work ongoing across a number of other inclusion areas, including the topics of disability, ethnic and cultural diversity and an all-encompassing Inclusion strategy, based on the work that the GLOBE Committee performed in the LGBTI+ space.

“Having a regular presence of LGBTI+ topics in our firm communications as well as a visible network of allies that want to stay involved, raises awareness and generates a greater sense of belonging for our people. Our GLOBE Committee’s activities help break stereotypes, recognise LGBTI+ history, challenge our thinking and reveal what we need to focus on as a community. I have learned so much from them (The GLOBE Committee) and their guest speakers already, not just in respect of LGBTI+ but for our wider inclusion thinking, and I am looking forward to what they have in store of us in the future.”

Glenn Gillard, Inclusion Lead

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The GLOBE Committee redefines Pride at Deloitte

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