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The Deloitte academy experience for charities

A unique and supportive one day think-tank for 15 Irish charities, giving them the space to learn, reflect and be challenged.

  • In conjunction with our traditional IMPACT Day projects, we tasked our people with creating a unique learning and upskilling experience for our charity partners through a refreshed professional skills volunteering programme.

Delivering professional skills volunteering projects on IMPACT day, our flagship-volunteering day is something that Deloitte Ireland has done for many years now. However, in 2019 we challenged ourselves to go even further and give the charities we support even more access to our skillset across the firm by providing the full ‘Deloitte Experience’, ensuring they would leave with new skills, a wider network and the ability to make an even greater impact in society.

In conjunction with our traditional volunteering projects, we created a brand new approach and agenda for the 2019 professional skills programme. To deliver the ‘Deloitte Academy Experience’ as part of IMPACT Day, we worked closely with Business in the Community Ireland to understand the needs of the community sector. Based on this research, we assembled a team of leading subject matter experts from across the business to address these requests for support. We assigned experienced project managers to each charity who then worked closely with the charity representatives to refine their needs and create a targeted project plan in advance of the day. Once the project managers knew exactly what their charity required, they built teams of dedicated Deloitte Ireland professionals who worked together to respond to the brief to deliver result driven solutions and continued to provide advice in the days and weeks afterwards.

Furthermore, we offered a series of interactive workshops on the day. To do this, we issued surveys to all of our charity partners asking them which topics most interested them; we then proceeded to build our schedule based on their responses and requirements in line with our subject matter experts. The workshops provided on the day included topics such as social media guidelines and communications; amplifying your reach and writing for impact both led by members of our Internal Communications team, talent and human capital management led by our Human Capital Management colleagues including the Head of the Service Line, Valerie Daunt, reporting and governance for charities was led by Deloitte’s National Director of Financial Reporting as well as GDPR led by one of our GDPR experts who also worked in the charity sector in Northern Ireland.

Deloitte volunteers and charity representatives enjoying a networking lunch break

At Deloitte Ireland, we wanted to be innovative in the way we approached skilled volunteering by putting our best asset forward – our people and their professional skills. We knew that targeted projects with teams of skilled people from across our business would be of significant benefit to the charities, but we felt that we could give more. The mix of interactive workshops and scheduled networking time enabled the charity representatives attending to learn from each other and based on feedback from previous years, we knew that the charities found this to be a valuable part of the day. The combination of dedicated team support for the professional services needs of each charity, having the opportunity to network with peers from across the community sector, and the chance to upskill is what makes the Deloitte Academy Experience unique. Through this targeted and considered approach, we were able to support some truly transformative projects.

Countless hours of planning, 8 hours of IMPACT day, 15 not-for-profit organisations, 10 Deloitte project teams, 6 workshops, 63 Deloitte professionals and 500 volunteer hours – the numbers say it all. From developing new strategies, to web design to organisational structure overhauls as well as a project that saw our Deloitte Digital colleagues design and implement a digital mapping tool to help surgeons in craniofacial operations, the ‘Deloitte Academy Experience’ matched charities with Deloitte professionals to solve their most pressing problems.

The ‘Deloitte Academy Experience’ created a unique and supportive think-tank environment for the day where charity representatives maximised their learnings with our expert teams. Together they refined what they needed and our teams had the time and space to deliver the high quality outputs that set Deloitte apart.

Deloitte volunteers getting ready for IMPACT Day

“It was a brilliant experience and far exceeded our expectations. It is called an Impact Day but 'Day' does not do it justice as there is significantly more than a day invested by Deloitte between preparation and producing outcomes. What struck us most from Western Alzheimer’s was the knowledge of our project manager and his Deloitte colleagues of Western Alzheimers and their enthusiasm to ensure that we achieved and surpassed our aims for the day. Fantastic!”

CEO, Western Alzheimers

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