Supporting our people’s wellbeing through home-schooling and lockdowns

Empowering our people to thrive and feel valued by supporting the mind, body and spirit

During the unique period of 2020-2021 our people experienced common and differing challenges. We spent the entire year working from home with the consequent lack of social stimulation. Individual challenges varied from school closures to bereavement to isolation. This was a vital time for us to prioritise our people’s wellbeing as they continued to work through unprecedented personal situations.

Wellbeing is core to who we are and is underpinned by our values of taking care of each other and fostering inclusion. To support our people in overcoming the extremely challenging times brought about by COVID-19, we placed an even greater focus on our wellbeing strategy, expanding our range of initiatives. Our wellbeing strategy takes a holistic approach that aims to support our people mentally, physically and spiritually. Below is a selection of some of our favourite and most impactful initiatives from the FY21 wellbeing strategy.

Home-schooling parent supports – supporting the mind

With unexpectedly long school closures, our working parents found themselves juggling caring duties, client demands and personal wellbeing. We recognised the strain on this large cohort and immediately sought to find a way to offer some relief in a situation where options were limited due to government restrictions.

Input was gathered from our working parents to understand how best we could support. We then worked with a variety of small local businesses to deliver 11 bespoke Deloitte home-schooling virtual camps, varying from computer coding to wellbeing to science camps, all aligned to our values. We provided eight family interactive virtual shows involving magic and gymnastics and ran four family competitions to encourage exercise and creativity. We shared 55 free resources/ articles to support parents with home-schooling and delivered 172 large cardboard houses to creatively occupy and engage pre-school children without involving screens, something our parents were struggling with. Working parents could register their children for any number of the above initiatives and borrow Deloitte laptops if required to enable access. The impact was clear from the following pieces of feedback:

“The Deloitte camps have not only enabled me to focus on work while they’re busy learning, they have also brightened the days for my children while they can’t go to school or see friends.”
“The support and flexibility shown by the firm enables staff to avoid the extremely difficult decision of otherwise potentially having to leave the workforce.”

Virtual fitness classes – supporting the body

We recognise that physical activity is a great way to feel better, boost health, connect and have fun. While we could no longer provide group in-person fitness classes in the office, we could still get our people moving with virtual fitness offerings.

This year we put several activities in place, from BodyByrne, a 30-minute high-intensity class run by an external provider, to 30-minute yoga and Pilates classes run by qualified team members. Our range of virtual exercise classes take place 4 out of 5 days a week, at times suitable to fit into a busy schedule.

Additionally, we launched “Move”, an on-demand movement platform, catering for all levels of fitness and busy schedules. This platform includes workouts, mobility exercises and deskercise – with something for everyone.

‘Find Your Why’ workshops – supporting the spirit

This year we rolled out regular “Find Your Why” workshops. We recognise that being a purpose-driven organisation starts with every individual. This interactive workshop gives individuals the opportunity to gain clarity, reflect on why they do what they do and focus on their individual purpose.

Being connected to our individual purpose, the firm’s purpose and to one another is vital in today’s environment. We have rolled out 7 workshops involving 160 people so far, with strong feedback representing the impact:

“The Find Your Why session gave me the space I don’t always get in my everyday work to really think about why I do what I do. It was great to remember why I enjoy my job and what motivates me.”
“It is one of those sessions that switches a light on where you didn’t even notice it had become dark.”

Zoe Briggs

Learning Business Partner


Rebecca Marshall

People Solutions Advisor