Powering the Green Dot

Addressing sustainability throughout complex supply chains presents a significant challenge for organisations. We are working with our suppliers to find solutions that benefit the environment.

Embedding sustainability throughout our operations is an essential part of our WorldClimate commitment. In order to do so, we collaborate with our supply chain to identify solutions to address the challenge associated with our operations.

Sustainability, in particular the energy efficiency of our IT assets, has always been a factor in our procurement decisions, and this year our Technology & Operations team took action to further embed climate-smart considerations into the equipment we use and how we dispose of it.

Our laptop fleet meets the highest standards in environmental sustainability including EPEAT™ Gold, ENERGY STAR® 8.0 and TCO. Our responsibility doesn’t end with a procurement decision or how we use the equipment, we also ensure our end-of-life IT assets are disposed of responsibly. We have adopted a life cycle perspective and work with our suppliers to ensure the equipment is repurposed or recycled making sure none of them go to landfill. So far in 2021, our approach has resulted in a reduction of 5,895lbs of GHG Emissions 4,230lbs of materials have been reused or recycled.

When recycling and reusing our IT assets we also consider the impact we can make for our people and the community. This year, we supported financially vulnerable students by donating 30 Laptops to our partner DEIS school and Tech2Students. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided 32 laptops to our people to support home-schooling. We also donated 20 iPads to hospitals to enable patients keep in contact with their loved ones.

These are just some examples of the actions we are taking to ensure we are applying the principles of a circular economy throughout our supply chain to avoid climate change, biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution. We are collaborating within the firm and with our suppliers to make an impact that matters for our planet.

Kevin Reynolds

IT Senior Manager


Claire Bergin

Corporate Responsibility Lead