Activating WorldClimate for our People

‘Climate change is not a choice, it’s billions of them’ 

We all have a role to play in creating a sustainable future for our planet. By educating ourselves on the impacts of climate change we can make informed decisions about what we consume, use and buy - which will enable us to make positive climate choices at home and at work.

At Deloitte Ireland, empowering our people is central to our sustainability ambition. We know that we cannot achieve our sustainability commitments without the support of our people, and we have introduced an education and engagement programme that identifies the changes our people can make in their personal lives and how collectively we can embed sustainability into our business operating model.

We activated a social campaign for WorldClimate globally in April 2021 with the iAct Quiz, encouraging people to think about their own climate choices around travel, food, home and purchasing and to inspire others by sharing the commitment on their social media channels.

In Ireland, we introduced our sustainability ambition and the partner sponsors across our focus areas of firm, people and market during our inaugural Climate Impact Week in April to coincide with Earth Day.
Our theme for the week was responsible consumption and we hosted webinars on diverse topics facilitated by speakers with a range of experience.

“Our people are passionate about sustainability. We want to support our people through education and awareness.”
Niamh Geraghty,

People & Purpose Partner

Global Action Plan introduced the concept of responsible consumption and emphasised how this is the number one way, on an individual level, we can change our actions to better our planet. Other workshops focused on everything from reducing our consumption by avoiding ‘fast fashion’ and incorporating sustainability into our purchasing decisions to learning more about the Sustainable Development Goals and a session with Grow It Yourself Ireland.

Several interactive sessions enabled our people to share their own experience and perspectives including a sustainable finance talk and a Climate Action Hackathon. Our employees’ families also participated in our education session with Seal Rescue Ireland alongside a photography and insect hotel building competition. These interactive sessions provided an insight into how our people feel about sustainability, what changes they would like to see and provided educational resources to enable change. Over 500 people participated throughout the week.

Climate change and sustainability are complex topics. Climate Impact Week was only the beginning of our education and engagement programme. To help our people understand the science and how individually and collectively we can address climate change, during the Summer of 2021 we launched mandatory WorldClimate e-learning accompanied by a curated learning channel for individuals wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

Niamh Geraghty

People & Purpose Partner


Gemma Osaseyi

Internal Sustainability Lead