A journey towards smart health

The impact of digitalisation on patient experience

Despite of the complex regulation and the significant costs to innovate within the healthcare sector, digitalisation is starting its expansion within the entire industry. In this whitepaper, digital health is defined as “the convergence of digital and genomic technologies with health, healthcare, living, and society to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery and make medicines more personalised and precise”. The impulse toward a digital future is gathering an increasingly amount of adherents, from patients to healthcare organisations and payers.

Digitalisation has transformed relationships in the healthcare sector, as patients are more self-reliant, better-informed, and comfortable finding information independently. This affects the way of working for healthcare providers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical industries, and the healthcare systems in its entirety. The patient experience will become more contextual and adapted to the dynamic needs of the patient at that moment in time. Due to the more proactive role that people are taking, partnerships with healthcare providers and life sciences companies can be created. The ability to connect healthcare providers and patients will lead to better decisions, which in turn will lead to better health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

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Read the full report which explores these three main areas in detail:

1. Healthcare systems are facing global challenges

  • Changing demographics
  • Equalising the power

2. Digital technologies offer opportunities to revolutionise the way care is delivered

  • Access to real-time shared data reduces duplication and errors
  • Digitalisation supports the delivery of integrated care
  • Telemedicine opens a window for remote monitoring
  • Data analytics increase the quality of diagnostic and treatment
  • Technology-enabled care is revolutionising the patient experience

3. The patient journey has been transformed due to higher connectivity

  • Increased connectivity accelerates the industry’s transformation
  • Emma’s digital patient journey
  • Digitalisation enables a patient-centric ecosystem
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