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Global life sciences sector outlook

Despite increased regulation, pricing pressures and the effects of health care reform in many countries, the global life sciences sector is exhibiting resilience and reinvention as it employs new research and development (R&D) and business models to cost-effectively deliver innovation, value, and improved patient outcomes. The report outlines the top issues facing global life sciences stakeholders, provides a snapshot of activity in a number of geographic markets, and suggests considerations for companies as they seek to grow revenue and market share in 2014 and beyond.

Global health care outlook

The coming years look to be a positive but challenging time for the global health care sector; one in which many historic business models and operating processes will no longer suffice amid rising demand, continued cost pressures, lack of or inadequate care facilities, and rapidly evolving market conditions. Deloitte’s 2014 Global health care sector outlook report examines the current state of the global health care sector, provides a snapshot of activity in a number of geographic markets, and suggests considerations for stakeholders as they address funding, cost and other issues while seeking to grow revenue and market share in 2014 and beyond.

Real world evidence video

A new YouTube video introduces Monitor Deloitte's perspective on the use of real world data to transform patient care. The short video cleverly shows past examples throughout history of how the precursors of real world data have led to historic health care discoveries throughout the ages. Learn more about Monitor Deloitte offerings and how they can help support organizations in maximizing the value of real world evidence. 

Redefining biopharma innovation

Reform efforts, particularly those being enacted in the U.S., are culminating into a heightened focus on reducing costs while increasing the quality of care, which will likely force a new definition of innovation to emerge for the biopharma industry. A new report, Health care reform: Redefining biopharma innovation looks at how historically, biopharma manufacturers and regulators have treated new molecular entity (NME) approvals as “innovative.” However, the report goes to show that new demands from health plans and health care providers to improve the quality of care without increasing overall health care cost will increase the demand for products that demonstrate improvements in health outcomes over existing treatments. 

Life sciences: Accounting and financial reporting update (March 2014)

Deloitte is pleased to present the life sciences industry’s fifth annual Accounting and Financial Reporting Update. This publication highlights specialized accounting and reporting considerations applicable to companies in this industry.

he 2014 update includes discussions about: 

  • Key industry trends. 
  • SEC-related matters.
  • Accounting hot topics.
  • Standard-setting developments. 
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