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The future of work is poised to bring better jobs and more fulfillment to the practice of health care – if provider organisations adapt fast enough

The nature of work across almost every industry is being disrupted by a number of factors. Rapidly evolving digital technology is driving increased automation, affecting the proximity of where work is performed, and giving rise to new and open talent models. With so much change in the air, many provider organisations are understandably apprehensive about how to grapple with such exponential change and its implications on how, where, and by whom work gets done. What these organisations need to keep in mind with this shift is the immense opportunity to alleviate current pain points like nursing shortages and physician burnout, and refocus professions on missionoriented, fulfilling work.

World Economic Forum founder, Klaus Schwab, has dubbed this transformation in the way work is performed “the Fourth Industrial Revolution”—making the distinction that it is not about replacing people, but rather how new technologies are “fusing the physical, digital, and biological worlds.” This augmented workforce combines people and machines to get things done in a way that is not only more productive, but also more rewarding to the worker.

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