Life Sciences Summit 2014

On Wednesday 15 October 2014, The Life Sciences Summit took place in the Gibson Hotel Dublin.

The conference provided valuable insight and analysis on the key topic of Smart Ageing and was attended by Irish Indigenous life sciences companies, a number of the large multinationals operating here in Ireland together with academics and researchers.

David Head, Head of Consulting Deloitte provided an overview of how technology can be used with Life Sciences organisations to address challenges, aid compliance and enable innovation. 

David’s presentation drew on key industry issues identified in Deloitte’s 2014 Global Life Sciences Sector Outlook including demographic trends, patent cliffs, and the growth in biosimilars, while also highlighting supply chain risk and the ongoing challenge of regulatory compliance as concerns.  In his presentation David considered how some regulatory agencies are now grappling with how to strike the right balance between promoting innovation and ensuring safety through compliance.  

David highlighted that executives at many life sciences companies are deciding that it is worth pursuing stronger compliance risk management capabilities as a key driver of success in the market place, rather than to merely satisfy emerging legal requirements. 

Finally, David emphasised in his presentation how strong IT Governance combined with sophisticated data analytical capabilities can provide the strong platform required to be innovative, produce quality product and succeed in a rapidly growing, ever changing life sciences sector.

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David Hearn

David Hearn

Global Consulting Leader - Consumer Industry

David Hearn is the Global Consulting Leader - Consumer Industry. David is also the Partner Lead for Technology, Strategy & Transformation and SAP, and has 30 years’ experience in helping clients with ... More