The healthcare system in Ireland is facing major changes in light of the current economic climate and budgetary constraints.

Deloitte, for many years, has been a leader in providing advice to the healthcare sector and has worked extensively with organisations in both the public and private sectors on a range of assignments. This has given us unrivalled experience in the sector and a detailed knowledge of the industry both in Ireland and internationally. This is supplemented by an in-depth knowledge of the institutions in the public and private health sector.


From our work, we have gained an intimate knowledge of the Irish healthcare system, both public and private, and of the interactions between the sectors, their strategic direction and the financing of both elements of the Irish system. We have wide experience of the private hospital sector in Ireland and have carried out a range of assignments for private healthcare providers and lending institutions.

With a specialist industry Healthcare group, we understand the challenges and issues facing health organisations, putting us in a unique position to quickly respond with integrated, comprehensive solutions relevant to the sector's needs.

Our industry professionals provide clients with advice from disciplines including finance, organisational management, strategy, supply chain, shared services, information technology, public private partnership, governance and human capital management.


How we can help

Deloitte provides our public and private sector healthcare clients with a range of specialist services, including the following:

  • Financial advisory services on public private partnership projects in the healthcare sector
  • Strategic reviews of public or private healthcare facilities
  • Assistance with the preparation of business plans and/or independent business plan review
  • Feasibility studies for proposed new healthcare facilities or projects
  • Acquisition and due diligence services
  • Strategic, financial and property advice on capital development projects
  • Corporate governance accountability and organisational structure advisory services
  • Dedicated taxation advice
  • Debt advisory and capital raising services
  • Audit and assurance services
  • Cost benefit analysis for healthcare projects