2017 Global Healthcare Outlook

Taking Ireland’s Pulse

The Deloitte 2017 Global Health Care Outlook focuses on “making progress against persistent challenges”. These persistant challenges stem from rising healthcare costs, rising incidences of chronic illness and the growing life expectancy of populations worldwide. The report identifies five key areas where established players, disruptive entrants, and governments are responding with new solutions and approaches: cost, care delivery, innovation, operations and regulatory compliance.

While Ireland is experiencing the same challenges, comparative policy and operational responses by Irish healthcare stakeholders vary across the five categories identified in the report. Developments in the Irish health ecosystem mirror global trends in some key areas, such as through efforts to devolve treatments into primary and community settings or via innovations in the field of eHealth.

However, there is some uncertainty in Ireland as to the long term view on financing and payments, and a model for an inclusive health system. 

This report provides a summary of the 2017 Global Health Care Outlook Report and a comparative examination of the Outlook from an Irish perspective

2017 Global Health Care Outlook, An Irish Perspective
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