Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Introducing RPA through the OGP Single Supplier Framework

Following a competitive process run by the Office of Government Procurement (OGP), Deloitte was awarded the Single Supplier Framework Contract for the provision of Robotic Process Automation Software, Training, Support and Services*. This document provides a brief introduction to RPA, and provides an overview of services available under the Framework Contract and how to access them.

Key topics

1. What is RPA and the key benefits? RPA is the automation of rules based processes, where typically human intervention was required at certain steps. Automation software can interface with productivity tools (e.g. spreadsheets), web-based applications, ERP systems, mainframes and so on.

2. Assessing process suitability for automation The first step to benefitting from RPA is identifying where the solution can be leveraged.

3. RPA in action Understand how your organisation can benefit from RPA through the following example case-studies

4. Supporting you to successfully deliver RPA With four distinct offerings in the framework you will have the support you need no matter where you are on your automation journey.

5. Software and licences Deloitte offers software and licenses for three RPA providers; Blue Prism, UiPath and NICE.

6. Training and development Acquire business and technology skills within RPA by using the globally tested Deloitte training programme.

7. Expert technical assistance Whether you need ongoing helpdesk support or updates to processes after change requests, Deloitte can support with expert knowledge.

8. Consultancy services Establish a Center of Excellence (CoE) or define your RPA strategy with the RPA consulting services

*OGP Reference SSB025F. For more information, click here.

Introducing RPA through the OGP Single Supplier Framework

Getting started

The Framework for the provision of RPA training, support and services makes it very easy to get started. To learn more about RPA and other automation technologies, or to discuss how to get started with RPA, please contact or contact any of our representatives.

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