Behaviour-first government transformation

Putting the people before the process

In Ireland, in the face of COVID-19, the government has impressively shown it can quickly and effectively implement a new distributed, technology-based operating model, rapidly develop and adopt sweeping new policies, and quickly adapt in the face of continually changing circumstances. We’ve seen public sector organisations respond at a pace never seen before, fostering citizen confidence and trust.

As governments re-examine their transformation priorities in the wake of our new normal, one thing is for certain – a highly strategic, integrated approach is required to drive recovery and future resilience. It will be more important now than ever before that governments continue taking the time to understand what motivates their people, use transparency as an enabler of change and design environments to better enable and empower teams.

There are numerous Irish transformation programmes underway and there’s a view for governments to harness this ‘behaviour-first change’ approach internally as well. Behaviour change is not simple but at present, Irish governments have what’s needed to create human-based transformation strategies – laying the foundation for greater resiliency far into the future.

Learn what makes transformation successful for governments here.

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