Digital Justice and Citizen Engagement   

Justice reform initiatives to serve the citizen.

Public sector organisations in Ireland and abroad are increasingly focused on improving interactions with citizens. Resources limitations, the changing needs of the populations, and the availability of improved digital technologies are driving and shaping these efforts to become more ‘citizen-centric.’ 

Similar to the wider public sector, Irish justice organisations are undertaking a range of citizen and user-focused transformation initiatives. Key initiatives focus on: 

Improving efficiency in service delivery – for example, the Courts Service is rolling out e-filing, e-payments, and a range of online services to improve service delivery. 

Promoting cross-sector collaboration to improve outcomes – for example, to support effective prisoner resettlement and community safety, the Irish Prison Service is focusing on linking planning and prison-based interventions to community services. 

Improving citizen experiences- for example, the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service has rolled out a new online appointments service to handle immigration requests. 

Deloitte has worked extensively with the justice sector in Ireland and globally. Our experience affords us a deep understanding of the sector’s challenges and disruptive forces. This allows us to support justice bodies as they transform to serve citizens more effectively.

Digital Justice and Citizen Engagement
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