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About GovLab

Enabling innovation in the public sector

Check out our GovLab blog where we share regular tips, insights and inspiration on innovation in government and public services.


GovLab is our unique Deloitte proposition dedicated to innovation in the public sector. Central to the GovLab concept is design thinking and user-centric design.  Through a combination of design, strategy, social science, and technology, GovLab works to unearth opportunities and spur ongoing growth that helps public sector organisations:

  • set and implement innovation strategy;
  • design, build and launch innovations and;
  • become better innovators through empowering organisations with the right processes, tradecraft and partnerships to deliver innovation results.

GovLab is a global network

Deloitte GovLab practitioners are located across the globe, including in the Netherlands, Norway, US and Singapore.  GovLab practitioners collaborate across Europe, regularly sharing knowledge and experiences, working collaboratively with public sector organisations and developing our insights. This allows GovLab Ireland to bring the best of international eminence and experience to our Irish clients. 

What is "innovation-by-design"?

Innovation-by-design is a process to innovate which places the user at the centre of every step. It is about applying design processes to solve societal problems. GovLab uses an innovation-by-design methodology to understand user needs, come up with ideas, and pilot, test and refine solutions. We know that innovation doesn't just happen (it needs a structure to get it going) but we believe that anyone can innovate with the right tools, mindset and support.

Innovation by design is an iterative, user-centred methodology to devise and test solutions to complex problems.

How GovLab can work for you

Successful innovation requires a solid foundation. We understand that many public sector organisations are starting their innovation journeys. Setting the innovation strategy and roadmap, establishing the right governance and structures, and building internal capabilities and commitment are all critical to successful innovation. Drawing on the hands-on experiences of international public and private organisations, we can work with you to set your strategy, and set-up for success. 

With GovLab, we also work collaboratively with clients through our innovation-by-design methodologies to help public sector clients tackle some of their biggest, and most complex challenges in new, and innovative ways. Our GovLab offering can be tailored to what you need or have the resources for – from a single workshop to a full-scale design, build and implement project.

GovLab Ireland

Deloitte have always been at the forefront of innovative service delivery for our public sector clients: transforming public sector operating models, designing award-winning user experiences, or introducing cutting-edge technology.  We're excited to launch GovLab Ireland, taking and building on our deep expertise to help public sector origanisations confront the expectations of a changing world.

GovLab Podcast

Listen to Daniel Charite, GovLab Lead, Deloitte Netherlands interview Ger Baron, the Chief Technology Officer of the City of Amsterdam about innovation. The podcast provides good insight on Ger’s perspective on innovation within his organisation.


GovLab blog

At GovLab we are passionate about helping the public service to become more innovative. We’re delighted to share that passion with you, through our new blog! 

We look forward to sharing our insights on innovation with you, along with the many examples of public service innovations that have inspired us, and our practical tips on how to unleash the innovative spirit in your organisations and in yourself. 

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