Higher education remade by Covid-19

As Ireland eases COVID-19 restrictions, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are facing many potential unknowns in the next three to five academic years. Higher Education (HE) leaders must make decisions now that will determine the future of their HEI and continue to update their scenario planning in an effort to predict and manage effectively the varying circumstances that could arise.

Higher education remade by COVID-19 issued by our Deloitte US colleagues offers a view of how the HE landscape may develop over the next three to five years and is intended to help HE leaders explore some of the potential medium-term implications arising from the COVID-19 crisis.  The document sets-out four scenarios that are designed to be thought provoking and we believe align well in the Irish context in order to sense check on scenarios that you may have already considered.

Objectives of this document

  • Explore how trends we see during the pandemic could shape what higher education  may look like in the next 3-5 years
  • Foster productive conversations around the lasting implications and impacts of the crisis
  • Identify decisions and actions that can improve higher education institutions’ resilience to the rapidly changing landscape
  • Move beyond “responding” to the crisis, and towards “recovering’ in the medium-term

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