Making the grade

Top ten issues facing higher education institutions.

Making the grade 2011: A study of the top ten issues facing higher education institutions which focuses on the main issues that the sector is currently facing.

In the preparation of this report, our colleagues consulted with other Deloitte educational practitioners from around the world. The publication also gives us an insight into the Canadian perspective on the current issues facing the higher education sector globally.

According to the report the top 10 issues are:

  1. Over budget and underfunded
  2. Rivalry, competition to attract the best students intensifies
  3. Setting priorities, the danger of making decisions in the dark
  4. Technology upgrades are needed across the board
  5. Rethinking infrastructure, a renewed focus on asset optimisation
  6. Linking programmes to outcomes, where training and market demand intersect
  7. Attracting and retaining talented faculty
  8. A sustainable future by enhancing environmental performance
  9. Tackling diversity, accessibility and affordability
  10. Regulations and reporting, new responsibilities require better disclosure

Making the grade

Gerard Lyons, Head of Education, Deloitte Ireland comments, “The Irish higher education sector is not the only national education sector to have been negatively impacted by the global financial crisis. As a result of the downturn, most higher educational institutions are coming under severe budgetary pressures, and in order to survive the need for transformation is now greater than ever. Institutions are being forced to be more competitive and cope with their ever shrinking resources.

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