RPA in Action: Pilot Projects


RPA in Action: Pilot Projects

Delivering Automation and Building RPA Capability

Department of Education

The use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to populate even the most basic elements of service history from various data sources will save approximately 35 minutes per case, with 118 days of admin burden reduced on the pension unit each year.


Using automation to complete some key tasks presented a number of benefits for the Pobal team. For example, automating the manual funding process standardised the performance of the task and streamlined the process thus supporting accuracy and consistency in data extraction and reporting.

Tax Appeals Commission (TAC)

This automation project has delivered a number of key benefits for the TAC team. Most notably, automation supports the TAC in processing increased volumes of cases per year and eliminating backlogs with the associated tax revenue benefit for the state.

Local Government Management Agency (LGMA)

LGMA partnered with Deloitte to automate the process of informing management and HR when working agile days. RPA now automatically collates all submitted data which previously was done manually, saving Human Resources an additional 20-30 minutes daily.

National Transport Authority (NTA)

The NTA utilised RPA to automate the Transport Coordination Unit’s (TCU) monthly finance returns process. The solution now automates the most manual, repetitive and time-consuming elements of this process and thereby frees up the RTP Finance team’s time to focus on more value-add activities.

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