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Smart Health Care Solutions

There are big expectations for the potential of smart health technologies to support the more efficient and effective delivery of health care. While this type of technology is still in its infancy it is expected to be commonplace in
the future. At Deloitte, we are committed to ensuring that the application of any “solution” is embedded in a real world understanding of hospitals and the associated changes in processes and behaviors required to deliver a more responsive service. All of our solutions have a clear and compelling return on investment.

In line with Gobal healthcare trends Ireland’s Sláintecare strategy has increased the focus on integrated care models. This is driving the requirement for Irish health and social care services to be provided in the most cost effective manner, while simultaneously maintaining quality of care, and seeking to ensure positive outcomes for patients. Deloitte has significant experience in designing and implementing integrated health and social care systems, with expertise in population health management and system design informed by robust evidence. We understand the challenges
in recalibrating service delivery from an operational, clinical, financial and technical perspective, and we can leverage this experience to support the changing Irish healthcare environment. The solutions within this brochure provides a ‘snapshot’ of some of the technology assets specifically designed by Deloitte to support our health and social care clients.

Health care systems around the world are experiencing unprecedented levels of demand against a backdrop of worsening financial, operational and workforce challenges.

Innovation offers huge opportunities for health care. From simple robotics to advanced artificial intelligence and cognitive processes, data analytics and voice recognition, the possibilities are exciting and infinite.

Over the past two years Deloitte has brought together teams of clinicians, hospital managers, data and analytics specialists, digital designers, technology and innovation experts, academics and strategists to work together to develop innovative solutions that address some of the greatest service delivery challenges health care systems face today.

Smart Health Care Solutions brings together our international expertise and deep industry knowledge to provide affordable, user‑friendly solutions across the patient pathway. By combining quality improvement measures and service improvement objectives, we have produced solutions that support effective and sustainable service optimisation and redesign.

Unlocking Potential - Smart Health Care Solutions
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