Structural reform in the higher education sector

Achieving technological university status

The criteria and specific metrics to be satisfied to achieve Technological University (TU) status are challenging. The starting point in any merger process should be to undertake formal due diligence. This Thought Leadership Publication aims to identity the potential risk areas and areas meriting review and examination under a formal due diligence process in advance of any merger with a a view to attaining TU status.

Applicant Institutes of Technology will be specifically designated as a Technological University (TU) if they satisfy a number of criteria. The criteria are challenging and a clear and focused plan needs to be put in place to satisfy the criteria. A detailed due diligence exercise will play a key role in assessing the positioning of each applicant Institute against the criteria for designation as a TU and will help inform the work-streams requiring greatest focus to satisfy the TU criteria in the prescribed timeline.

Structural reform in the higher education sector
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