Transforming Public Services


Transforming Public Services  

The next phase of reform

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The final year of the implementation of the current three year Public Service Reform Plan in Ireland came to an end in December 2016. Reform has been a central part of the response to the challenges of recent years.

We were the lead sponsor of the Eolas Conference ‘Transforming Public Services’ held in Croke Park on Tuesday 14th February 2017. The conference brought together key stakeholders from across Ireland’s public sector to discuss the progress of reform to date, but importantly, to look ahead at what’s next and how to innovate and reconfigure to deliver better services.  

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Transforming Health through Innovation and Digital

The conference was chaired by Shane Mohan, Public Sector Lead Partner. Dr. Robert (Bob) Williams, Managing Director, Life Sciences & Healthcare at Deloitte Consulting gave his insights on transforming health through innovation and digital in support of better health decision making by all. Please click here to download a copy of the presentation. 

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