Supporting resilience and regulation compliance

Assisting the Public Sector to deliver a resilient service and respond to regulatory demands

With advances in digital technology and greater regulation there are many new challenges for the public sector to respond to. The public sector must ensure continuous service delivery and remain mindful that it may be at a higher risk of cyber-attack and service interruption.

Coupled with the increased digital presence, Governments must also ensure that traditional service delivery models are also available and that there is an adequate response to new regulations.

How we can help

Deloitte can help public sector organisations to develop sustainable governance, compliance, and risk management programs by helping them identify, remediate, monitor, exploit, and manage enterprise risks. Additionally, we support the coordination and utilisation of people, processes, and technology to improve effectiveness and help manage costs.

With security and privacy breaches on the rise, and with a corresponding increase in regulation, the threats to an organisation extend well beyond the particulars of any one incident. Deloitte can assist senior public services and state board to better understand and reduce their security and privacy exposure.  Our Security, Privacy & Resiliency practice tackle some of the most complex areas of risk management that public sector organisations face today. The sheer volume, variety, complexity, and intensity of threats, and the speed at which they evolve, should be of the greatest concern to senior public servants and state boards.