Service delivery and innovation

Bringing innovation to public service delivery

The way that government interacts with its citizens is changing. Deloitte research has shown that citizens are not necessarily demanding more services from government however they are demanding a chance in the way services are accessed and delivered. This is particularly, true in education, health and social protection where there is a need for a change in structures and interaction touch points. Deloitte is working across Government to support these reform initiatives, to support the drive for greater efficiency and easier access for the citizen.

How we can help

We support the public sector to respond to changes in public sector expectations. Drawing on our global expertise and in-depth research, we have developed a range of services and methodologies to help the public sector respond to the changing expectations of its citizens.  We offer assistance through enhanced public sector analytics to help the public sector understand citizen needs, through the development of digital and other solutions to offer alternative service delivery models and by supporting the public sector to improve the return on their CapEx investments.