EPoC 2014

European Powers of Construction

We are pleased to present European Powers of Construction 2014, our annual publication in which we identify and outline the major listed European construction groups.This publication examines the market position and performance of the main players in the industry in terms of revenue, market capitalisation, internationalisation, diversification, profitability, indebtedness and other financial ratios.

As anticipated in last year’s publication, after five years of continuous contraction, the European construction industry has emerged from the recession and showed moderate growth in 2014. According to European Commission predictions, this trend will continue in coming years. Nevertheless, the industry is facing this new period with caution because of the difficulties experienced in the past.

As in previous years, we have included a section analysing EPoC financial performance.This year’s aggregate sales of our EPoC increased by 1%. Additionally the end of the recession has influenced the major companies’ market capitalization, which grew by 6% in 2014.

EPoC 2014: European Powers of Construction
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